About Gidget & Gatsby

Gidget and Gatsby are Chartreux siblings from Chanson Bleu Chartreux. Gidget is 7. She’s a big girl, weighing about 12 pounds, but she’s light on her feet and loves to “dance” on her toes and “curly q” her tail. She’s a spunky, fluffy girl who is an expert at kicking and chasing balls. She loves a good cheek scratch and has the sweetest, softest purr. She’s a bit of a picky eater, but loves chicken, salmon, and beef. She also loves Greek yogurt.

Gatsby is 6. He’s a big boy, tipping the scale at nearly 20 pounds. Despite his size, he loves to run and play with his “Da Bird” toy. He is a little lover with a diesel engine purr. Gatsby has a broad palette, enjoying the usual fowl, beef, and fish items, but if his staff is not looking, he’s been known to steal pizza and whatever else the humans are eating.